Great Places to Smoke

If you ever find yourself in these cities, for vacation, business, or otherwise, do yourself a favor and stop in at these outstanding locations.  In my experience, all are incredibly friendly, helpful, and the other guys there are good for a chat and some laughs.


Ford & Haig— Scottsdale, AZ:  Located in a beautiful setting in Old Town Scottsdale, this place became an instant favorite of mine when, in a 24 hour period and 2 visits, I met the owner/blender of Kristoff cigars (Glen Case) who was generous with his conversation and a couple of fine cigars, found out I would be playing golf at Royal County Down in Belfast, N.I., and received a few freebies from the Ashton cigar rep… what a trip!  The conversation in the shop was great and the owners were incredibly friendly.


Romeo’s— Rogers, AR:  Located just across the street from the Daisy BB Gun museum and in historic downtown Rogers, this tiny tobacco shop is a great find.  With a growing humidor and great conversation, this is a fantastic spot to enjoy a premium cigar.

Tobacco Leaf– Fayetteville, AR:  The Tobacco Leaf is a small tobacco shop with no room for enjoying your smoke inside.  Unfortunately I often find the humidor disorganized and sometimes sparsely stocked.  I never know what I’m going to find and the overall experience of going into the shop isn’t that great.  If you’re in the area and need to run in and buy a cigar or two this place will work, but isn’t good for much more.


The Stag– Colorado Springs, CO:  My hometown!  The Stag wasn’t around when I was younger, but it’s a place you will find me at least 3 days a week when I am back visiting family or in town for business.  The humidor is huge!!!  I have yet to find one bigger with more selection.  It’s almost overwhelming and is certainly big enough that there are deals to be had.


La Casa de la Havana— eastern MI:  As you’ll see when you click on the link, La Casa de la Havana has multiple locations around the eastern part of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Detroit, Plymouth, etc).  The location in Plymouth is in a great location, complete with outside smoking for beautiful days, a nice-sized humidor with blends rolled in-house just for the store, and a separate (public) coffee shop/smoking lounge.  Their private lounge is upstairs and truly is private… no non-members allowed. 


Classic Cigars— Owasso, OK (Tulsa area):  A good friend from Costa Rica introduced me to this place.  They have a really nice, well-organized humidor and a lounge in back complete with bar.  The furniture and t.v. are very comfortable and they’ll start a tab for you when you sit down.  What a great way to finish your day… a premium cigar and a great beer.  The selection is great!  Guinness and La Flor Dominicana Double Liguero pair nicely together.


Broadway Cigars— Lake Oswego, OR (Portland area): This is a small little shop in Lake Oswego but the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.  It was fun to talk cigars, sports, and local happenings.  The weather in this part of the world is pretty fantastic so their indoor smoking space isn’t huge.  But it was sufficient for me and a few others. 


Cigar Vault— Houston, TX:  Located in the Galleria area of Houston, the Vault was a fantastic find.  Not a huge humidor, but a really nice selection and the place where I first found Kristoff– my favorite cigar.  Complete with leather couches, chairs, flat-screen T.V. and nice background music.

C.I.G.A.R.— San Antonio, TX:  Just about 15-20 minutes north of the airport.  A really nice humidor and a fantastic private lounge… one of the biggest I’ve seen.  Five distinct sitting areas, pool table, poker table, complimentary drinks (non-alcoholic).  Incredibly comfortable and very friendly, accommodating staff.  Let ’em know you’re in from out-of-town and they’ll let you into the members lounge for a bit.

Addison Cigar/Tobacco— Dallas, TX:  They also have locations in Grapevine and Arlington.  Whenever I’m in Dallas I stay in/near Addison so as to spend as much time here as possible.  You will not find a larger selection many other place and the private lounge is AWESOME!!!  Again, let ’em know you’re from out-of-town and you can hang in the private lounge for a bit.  Fantastic furniture, t.v.’s, poker table, fish tank… heck, I’ve even had my shoes shined by a professional back there.  If you have an hour to kill, head to Addison Cigar/Tobacco.  If you’ve got 3 hours to kill… get ready!

Heroes and Legacies— Lubbock/Austin, TX:  Two locations in Lubbock and another in Austin.  Very friendly and generous with their “members only” lounge.  They have one of the more organized and well laid out humidors I’ve ever been in.  They also have a local roller who rolls cigars just for the store.  I tried one and it was great!

Did I miss your favorite spot?  Let me know about it.  Comment below.


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