Last year, I wa…

ImageLast year, I was listening to a podcast I enjoy on occasion called The Cigar Authority.  They made mention of attending the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival in Boulder and I was intrigued.  Though I grew up in Colorado I’ve never heard of such an event… all those years I could have enjoyed that leafy goodness in the cool, crisp mountain air.  Image

This year we have remedied this oversight and scheduled our summer vacation to overlap with the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival.  The joyous occasion will be taking place at the Millenium Harvest Hotel on Saturday, August 25th.  

Were I a single man I would have sprung for the $400 Executive VIP ticket– the list of swag is too long for this post.  Check it out here.

ImageWe will be going with the, still budget stretching, $100 tickets that include 20 cigars, a cutter, lighter, a bag, food and drinks for the day.  I’ve spent more and gotten less.  This sounds like a great day.

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