Great Places to Enjoy a Cigar: Tulsa

Fogue & Bates— Tulsa, OK:  This is my home away from home these days.  Fantastic ownership and highly educated staff.  Great humidor and sizable smoking lounge.  These guys are so incredibly connected you can readily get hard-to-find cigars here… one of my favorites being Liga Privada from Drew Estates.  They carry all my favorite cigars… the more rare like JFR, Kristoff, Brickhouse, and Liga Privada, and all the basics like La Aurora, Fuente, Oliva, and Rocky Patel.  IMO this cigar establishment is second to NONE in Tulsa.  It’s one of the better tobacco shops I’ve been to in all my travels.  If you live anywhere near Tulsa do yourself a favor and head to Fogue & Bates.

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2 Responses to Great Places to Enjoy a Cigar: Tulsa

  1. Dave Kirby says:

    If you come to Nashville I will take you to a couple of our establishments and see how they rate.

  2. I will absolutely have to get out there. I don’t suppose you’d like to connect when you get out this way?

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