Jury is out

So I’ve been introduced to a guy who has a “cigar radio” program that airs every Saturday morning 11:00-1:00 CST.  He’s on XM/Sirius and 45 other stations around the country.  He comes to you “live from humidor A in the cigar city of Tampa.”  His name is Cigar Dave and you can check out his website here.

I’ve often thought this would be an interesting concept to flush out… sit back, listen to the radio, and talk cigars.  Cigar Dave HAS to be having a good time with this.  He’s the Rush Limbaugh of cigars; happy to discuss and set straight anyone who dares to call his show and bad-mouth “those stinky, nasty cigars.”

He rails against “the pleasure police” a label he applies to anyone trying to control what you can and cannot do.  Obvious targets are those who seek to further legislate where one can and cannot smoke a cigar, but he doesn’t stop there.  He recently belittled the recent assault on Ronald McDonald.

Cigar Dave takes a bit of a military angle to his show:

– refers to himself as “the general”

– united his followers to battle the “pleasure police”… those who would stifle your right to enjoy cigars

– his callers greet him with the statement “long ashes, general”

It’s all a little bit cheesy.  I can’t imagine ever calling a cigar radio show and uttering the words “long ashes.”  But they do some thoughtful and interesting things as well:

– recently had a “cigar draft” a la the NFL draft

– took phone calls and made suggestions for different cigars for different events (weddings, graduations, etc).

Similar to Car Talk on NPR, this show feels like something you’d have on in your garage as you’re out working on the car, building a project, or just taking care of your “honey-do” list.  I have typically enjoyed myself anytime I sit and listen to Cigar Dave.

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One Response to Jury is out

  1. Dave Kirby says:

    Used to listen to Cigar Dave years ago in Tampa where he started. Love that guy, even if he is a little over the top.

    Long ashes to you!

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