Valentines Day gifts for men

While everyone in my region was battling record snowfall, I found myself in Phoenix last week and had the opportunity to play golf at TPC Scottsdale.  Due to the Monday finish for the PGA tournament we got bumped over to the Champions course, but it was still a beautiful, great day of golf.

I was looking forward to playing the famous 16th hole.  Granted there would not have been quite the pressure the pros feel, but would have been great to challenge that particular golf hole.  Here are some thoughts from Valentines Day 2010 regarding this special, unique challenge.

Ah yes… Valentines Day is upon us.  That sweet special day where, it doesn’t really matter what you get your significant other, as long as the thoughts are pure and good.  Yea right.  The timing of Valentines Day is terrible.  Most are still paying off credit cards from Christmas indulgences.  It must be flowers, perfume, chocolates, jewelry… all premium gifts for a special lady.  Following are premium Valentines Day gifts for the cigar smoker in your life.

Kristoff cigars:  I am going to pump Kristoff cigars in 2011.  Kristoff is, bar none, the best cigar you will smoke that you likely have never heard of.  This cigar has flavor that a seasoned cigar smoker will enjoy without overpowering a newcomer to cigars.  And the price… you cannot do better!  My favorite is any Kristoff with the Sumatra wrapper.

Cigar magazine:  For the man who leaves Manhattan on his helicopter, plays polo in the Hamptons on the weekend, then drives his lady around Long Island in his new Bently while drinking champagne and smoking $100 Cuban cigars, Cigar Aficionado is the magazine to have.  For everyone else in America, Cigar Magazine is the best, most informative magazine to read.  Good articles, good information, not snooty.  And quite a bit more affordable than the other cigar magazine offering.

Cigar accessories: Every guy needs nice cigar accessories.  If you look through Cigar Aficionado magazine you can spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on cutters, lighters, ashtrays and other paraphernalia.  Or… you can be smart and check out these items at theperfectashtray.  You will not find a more complete, classy, affordable selection of accessories.

What are you getting for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day?

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