Cyber Monday Cigar Shopping

Thanksgiving is in the books.  Another day of family, food, and football has come and gone.  Quite frankly, this was my best Thanksgiving day ever!  Thanksgiving night, however, a different story as my 5 year old decided his Thanksgiving dinner should come back up again, and again, and again, and…

But I digress.  I managed to avoid any “Black Friday” outings (being the good dad that I am I volunteered to stay home with the sickly lad), and did my best to participate in Small Business Saturday.  I had a bowl of chili worth going into battle for from the Cafe on Broadway here in our little downtown.

Which brings me to today… Cyber Monday.

Side note: when I was a kid we didn’t have “black Friday” and cyber Monday.  Although we didn’t have cell phones or the internet either, so maybe I just need to get over it.

Cyber Monday, I am told, is like the first two rounds of March Madness for the ladies.  More productivity is lost at work than any other day of the year.  This got me to thinking… as we get older, gifts get so much more expensive.  When I was a kid, a $9.99 GI Joe or a $12.00 lego set and I was happy as a pig in slop.  These days most of us have to either save all year (yea, right) or go in with 5 siblings and 3 aunts to buy someone the gift they want.

Kindle?  Yea right.

I would like to remind all you gift givers out there that a premium, hand-rolled cigar makes a fantastic Christmas gift.  They are incredibly affordable, extremely appreciated and enjoyed, and create an experience for the recipient that goes beyond any other regular gift.  Your praises will be sung the entire duration of the smoke.  And your gift recipient will be the envy of all those around him.

I realize many gift givers aren’t confident when buying a cigar for that special “lover-of-the-leaf” in their life.  So here are some can’t-miss options:

Alec Bradley:  These have really gained in popularity in the past year or two.  They’ve become mainstream and, thus, have risen in price a couple of dollars.  Rest assured, if you spring the $15-$20 for one of these you will be loved forever.

Arturo Fuente:  Again, you can’t miss if you get a Fuente.  You can spring big for an Opus Opus X ($30 and higher) all the way down to a Short Story from the Hemingway series for around $7.

Kristoff:  The Kristoff is a personal favorite of mine.  This cigar is harder to find, but oh so good if you can get your hands on one.  You can get these for less than $10 and it’s a lot of cigar for the price.

Rocky Patel:  Really anything from RP will be good.  Standards are the 1992 and 1990, but the Connecticut is great as well!  You’ll look to spend around $10 for a cigar.

Cigar Aficionado has a great online resource for finding a local tabacaria where you can pick up good cigars.  These are also the places where the cigars are going to be the most affordable.  Obviously you can also look around online, since it IS cyber-Monday.  JR’s and Cigar International are two good resources.  You’ll get a good price and your cigars will assuredly arrive unmolested.

Okay… time for you to jump online, click some of the links provided above, and be the best Santa you can be this Christmas.  Ho, ho, ho.

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