The Jungle of Sizes, Shapes, Blends, Etc.

I really do enjoy smoking cigars.  It’s a great way to fellowship with friends, celebrate life, and relax.  But I will say that, sometimes, I feel like cigar-makers use less than “above board” tactics to keep their brands in the news and sell cigars.

Brand new shapes, sizes, blends, flavors, etc. all contribute to make the world of cigars a vast jungle of options.  Pretty daunting for a newcomer.  In an effort to look like they know what they are doing, new/young cigar smokers will often buy an expensive cigar or a brand that they see often or hear others talk about.

One recent example of the cigar industry’s efforts to put out new product… two-toned wrapper (not talking about Kid ‘N Play).

I recently smoked an offering from Joya De Nicaragua that, in my opinion, was a bit hokey.  Yes, there it is.  I said it. Hokey.  They aren’t the only offenders.  I saw the same kind of cigar offered by one of my favorites… La Gloria Cubana.  It hurts me to have to call them out on such a weak cigar.

I have to admit that the idea is intriguing, but it isn’t anything that I would buy or smoke on a regular basis.  It’s an anomaly, something a little different that was fun to try once, but not anything I would keep on hand.  For a more detailed analysis of the cigar the guys at Keepers of the Flame give their 2-cents.  And while their verdict is that this feature is NOT a gimmick, it still falls firmly in the hokey camp for me.

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