Misogyny and Hundreds of Chicken Wings

I love women.  I think they are beautiful, interesting, and I am particularly fond of the woman who agreed to walk through life with me.

I think I am fairly open-minded about who my wife is, and who she could be;  about what she does, and could do.  But if I was completely honest, there are some things I don’t want to see my wife do.

I don’t ever want to see my wife become a power-lifter.

I don’t want my wife to become a marathoner or tri-athlete.

I don’t want my wife to start collecting clown figurines or vintage Cabbage Patch dolls.

And I don’t ever want to see my wife eat her weight in chicken wings in less than 15 minutes.

Check out the story of this woman who won a chicken wing eating contest, downing 181 wings in 12 minutes.  That’s almost 5 pounds of wingy goodness in less time than half the time it takes to watch 30 Rock or Modern Family.  I defy you to eat 5 pounds of food in an entire day, let alone in 12 minutes.

I don’t think it’s misogynistic of me to say that I don’t think women should participate in food eating contests.  Now, give it up for this chick… anytime you beat a guy named Joey Chestnut you know you have bested some serious competition.  But I like my ladies a bit more dainty than that.

This brings me to the “stogie” portion of my thought process.  I know most guys think it’s pretty rad when a woman can sit down and have a cigar.  I’ve even touted the idea that every woman should at least try a cigar (or part of one).  But I’m not really sure I want cigar smoking to be that activity that my wife and I enjoy together.

Golf- sure (but probably never)

Gardening- absolutely

Hiking- ummm… okay

But I don’t know how I feel about sitting down with my wife and sharing a cigar.  What are your thoughts about your wife smoking a stogie?

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One Response to Misogyny and Hundreds of Chicken Wings

  1. Julia says:

    hahahaha. the hiking comment was my favorite 🙂

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