Mid-year check up

I’m a “first half” guy.  As a (mediocre) high school athlete I always played better in the first half of games.  The adrenalin, emotion, and excitement of getting the game underway.  That surge carried me.

Half-time was always such a letdown.  I had invested energy and emotion.  We’re rolling!  Now we have to go in and rest?  Bull.  All that did was stop any momentum and flow I had going.  Never really liked having to “get back up.”

As an adult I enjoy the midway point.  A time for reflection.  Rejuvenation.  So I thought I would take a look back at my favorite new smokes from the first half of this year.  Not that they are new cigars to the market, but they are new to my palate.  These are listed in no particular order:

1) 777– try it.  You really will like it.

2) Cain– becoming more and more popular.  A commercial success of 2010.

3) Brickhouse– a strong contender for my cigar of the year for 2010.

4) Kristoff– particularly with the Sumatra wrapper.  Slightly sweet.  If you see one, buy three.  Yes, they’re that good.

5) JFR– this is tough to find.  The price makes it an absolute treasure.  This cigar could easily sell for twice as much.

What are some cigars you’ve enjoyed lately?

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