Don’t Believe the Hype– LeBron and a Siglo

For just a few days, the largest national disaster in the history of the planet (what oil spill?) played second fiddle to a far bigger story.  As a nation we paid little attention to national unemployment.  No one was curious about economic recovery.  All these stories paled in comparison to…

LeBron James.

Well– you can put the lid on “Lebronapalooza.”  In an incredibly center-of-the-universe “decision” television special, King James finally let the world know he had made his decision.

Bienvenido a Miami!

Adios Cleveland.

I don’t think there is any way this new collection of players in Miami can live up to the hype being created around them (most of it being fed, if not created by them).  Wade, Bosh, and James would have to win the NBA Championship the next 2 years simply to meet the minimum expectation being put out there.  Not gonna happen.

By the way– is it just me, or does Chris Bosh look like an Avatar character in his long hair?

Even the decision itself did not live up to the hype, drama, and attention that it was given.  It was anti-climactic.  Like most things in life, the expectation and hope of what we do not yet have (in this case, knowledge of where his majesty plans to perform his pre-game chalk-dust trick next year) is much more exciting than actually getting what it is we want.

Hype must be carefully managed.  If not managed, it grows legs and runs.  It becomes a ride you are on and have no control over.  Hype is incredibly important for building a brand and getting people excited about a forthcoming product.  But too much of it will have the opposite effect.

Cuban cigars are a good example of this.  Many people wonder if Cuban cigars are worth all the hype.  Are they really as good as people say they are?  They are certainly rare and hard to get.

But I doubt that 98% of cigar smokers (myself included) have a pallet sufficient to really enjoy the nuances of a dried, aged, rolled tobacco grown in different soil in a specific region of the world.  Cuban cigars could be hype.

Cigar makers shamelessly hype their latest cigar offerings.  “Be sure to check out this new blend from __________.”  “You’ve got to try the latest ____________, it’s unbelievable!”  In my experience, such hype is counter-productive.  Check out this review of the Siglo Limited Reserve from the guys at Keepers of the Flame.  Hype.

Do you think LeBron is sitting in his new condo in Miami beach watching re-runs of his ESPN exclusive “The Decision” smoking a new Siglo Limited Reserve?



And… hype!

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One Response to Don’t Believe the Hype– LeBron and a Siglo

  1. Rob Sorbo says:

    I initially thought it was a terrible idea for Lebron to sign with Miami…then I found out they don’t have income tax in Florida. Where do I sign up to work in Florida?

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