Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

So much truth in those lyrics from post-Wham! George Michael.  I think we can tend to be a little bit too judgmental when it comes to sizing up a person based on exterior factors.  I know many guys who smoke a certain type of cigar, and even a certain size of cigar, because of the image it gives off.  (Insert your Freudian psychological analysis here).


Certain cigars can make a statement and there are definitely times in life that call for a particular brand or size of cigar.  But, generally speaking, smoke what you like.  Smoke a lot of different cigars.  We’re not talking marriage here guys– it’s okay to play the field.

I was recently given the challenge of buying 4 cigars for $25.  Obviously status and prestige were thrown out the window for taste, construction, and value.  It’s easy to walk into a cigar shop and pick out a giant Arturo Fuente Double Corona or a La Gloria Serie R #7 and look like you know what you’re doing.  But it takes skill to pick up a Vegas 5 Gold, ask some questions of the shop owner, and try it out.

In the same way that wearing a Valentino suit doesn’t make you a discerning, shrewd, and successful businessman, smoking a Zino Platinum series or a Fuente God of Fire doesn’t make you a cigar aficionado.  It may mean you just blew way too much money on a cigar for the pretty little band it came in.  But in our society we can fake class and knowledge if we look the part.

How many guys have you seen at a golf course that had all the gear of a 2 handicapper, but the game of a 20?  See that young guy in the new Porsche?  It’s leased– guaranteed.  Or he borrowed it from his dad.   Either way, all talk and no game.  Or as they say in Texas… big hat, no cattle.

Don’t be afraid to go into your local tabaquaria and ask questions.  Don’t worry about what you will look like or that you won’t know something you’re supposed to know.  Learn, ask questions, be humble.

You can be sure… the majority of the time the cigar does not make the man.

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