How much to check my bags???

I recently saw some “tweets” about this very topic and thought it would be fun to open this up for discussion.  As a regular traveler I am incensed that airlines are charging people no less than $25 per bag (and sometimes as much as $50) EACH WAY.  Unreal.  Are they down there ironing and repacking your bags for you?

What are your suggestions for things the airlines should charge extra for?  I’ll get you started:

* Guy who wants to take off his shoes during the flight– charge!

* Anyone over the age of 10 or under the age of 70 who uses the “flight attendant call button”– charge!

Surely there are others… what are they?

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6 Responses to How much to check my bags???

  1. karynme says:

    Strangers who insist on talking to me while I’m reading on a plane without my children–CHARGE!

  2. Ryan says:

    1. Any person who requests the window seat, but needs to use the restroom every twenty minutes.
    2. Overly perfumed/cologned passengers.

    And I take my shoes off on the long flights, but always wear clean socks. It makes it easier to relax on the ocean crossing flights.

    Oh, and I think that anyone who thinks their pet is so special that it must fly in the cabin and not the cargo hold, should watch it be jettisoned at the top altitude of that flight.

  3. Rob says:

    Rude sleeping (leaning on their neighbor, snoring, dirty stares anytime their woken)

  4. doedoebird says:

    I believe the couple who carry everything in carry-on bags and then take up 2 sections of someone elses space. And they normally overpack them so they have to cram them in. -Charge
    I snore so I bring a snore gaurd just in case.

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