The romance of a by-gone era

There are times in life when I wish I could be part of a by-gone era.  Since this can’t really happen, I can be finicky and picky about which parts of the “good ol’ days” I wish we could enjoy again.  For instance, I can yearn for certain parts of the 1930’s without also yearning for the effects of the Great Depression.

Following is my list of romanticized:

Wearing hats (as a professional/grown-up)—  Long gone are the days when men wore fedoras, bowlers, and driver’s caps.  There’s something classy and upscale about men in suits wearing a hat that compliments their style and tastes.  Some of these hats have come back into style, but most cannot wear them for fear of looking/feeling like a poser or a wannabe.  If I were to wear a fedora in public people would think I was trying to look like Justin Timberlake or Brad Pitt.  Plus, there’s no way I could wear this hat to work or to a professional meeting.

Smoking a cigar at a baseball game— This was prompted in me by this advertisement that Macanudo cigars has in just about every Cigar Aficionado magazine.  Certain things go well together: peanut butter and jelly; BBQ and good friends; professional sporting events and cigars.  There are certain smells that belong at an outdoor sporting event, and a premium cigar is one of them.

The 4th of July is coming soon– you have your stogies bought yet?

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2 Responses to The romance of a by-gone era

  1. Bryson says:

    This is a great post. I’ve always wanted to go back and visit the 1950’s.

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