Wabbit season, duck season, wedding season

photo by Robert Hooper Photography (www.roberthooper.co.uk)

We are half-way through May and wedding season is really starting to ramp up.  I am in the life stage where we are starting to receive invitations for “second marriages.”  Back in the day, college and the few years following, it seemed as though summer plans involved no less than 5 weddings at various places around the country.

Those years were somewhat lean in terms of my ability to give quality wedding gifts.  In hindsight, I was thinking too big and not nearly practical enough.  Allow me to be your wedding gift mentor as we head into the meat of wedding season.

* Torch lighter– this is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.  Every cigar smoker needs a good torch lighter.  If you want to spring for a good one, it’s something that a couple of guys can go in on together. 

Xikar is probably the premier mid-level lighter on the market with a deal you cannot beat: if you ever have a problem with your lighter for any reason, you can take it in to a Xikar dealer and they will send you out with a brand new lighter.  I recently had my torch lighter confiscated at the Tulsa airport and am in the market for a new lighter.  Xikar will be the one.

* Ashtray– at first glance, this may sound like a greasy, “meatball” type of gift.  It could come off as skeezy and cheap, like a gift you would see given on Jersey Shore…small, glass, a Heineken label on the bottom.


In reality, ashtrays are under-rated as far as gifts and cigar accessories are concerned.  I have three ashtrays all distinctly different in color and function.  An ashtray can be a reflection of your style and will keep your smoking area tidy.  Some absolutely great ashtray options can be found at here.

* Cigar sampler– for those younger guys who enjoy a cigar but haven’t yet developed a favorite, a sampler is a fantastic gift.  I recently bought a 7 cigar sampler (not pictured) from JR Cigars (online) for $14.00.  The deal was so good I bought two.  All the cigars are premium, great smokes, and give a variety to choose from.  The price is right for your buddy (the groom) and you could even set yourself up to be the hero at the bachelor party, bringing a premium smoke for all the guys.

* One of my favorite gifts to give for a wedding is a really nice, expensive cigar.  If you have a chance to spring for some contraband, all the better.  Wedding gifts don’t get better than a smoke from Fidel’s island kingdom (also not pictured).

As you head out to various weddings around this great country of ours, make sure you “come bearing gifts” that communicate your appreciation for the leaf and celebrate one of life’s great milestones.

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One Response to Wabbit season, duck season, wedding season

  1. Julia says:

    maybe we should start selling ash trays and lighters at our boutique yeah?

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