Recent smokes

I recently spent way too much time on the road.  Tulsa to Columbus to Cincinnati to Detroit to Grand Rapids to Chicago back to Tulsa.  Sunday to Thursday.  Favorite stop– Chelsea, MI (pictured above).  Dinner at Common Grill in a fantastic downtown just around the corner from Jeff Daniels Purple Rose Theater.

I enjoy being out and about, seeing people, places, and new things.  I miss my family terribly, but still do enjoy the road.  I stopped in a great little cigar shop in Ann Arbor called Smokey’s and enjoyed a Kristoff.  It was extremely consistent and nothing has changed from my previous thoughts about the Kristoff— a GREAT smoke!

While in Cincinnati I visited a friend with a humidor to be coveted.  A 500 count beauty filled with several boxes of cigars as well as individual offerings.  This particular friend has some Canadian connections and sent me home with several “exotic selections” of cigars, if you catch my drift.  Of particular note was a Cuban cigar blended and made by a Canadian company.  This cigar was very good… smooth, even, well built, even burn.  Absolutely nothing to complain about, other than the fact that the cigar was a bit more mild than I thought it would be.

A question was recently posed to me, not regarding cigars but they do apply.  What is the best AND worst cigar ever smoked.  Best?  A very hard question to answer.  That’s like trying to decide the best pizza… they are all so good for different reasons.

A best cigar can also be influenced by when and where it was smoked.  Did you happen to hit a hole-in-one while smoking a Fuente?  That’s gonna be on your best list.  Celebrated the birth of your child with a Punch?  It’s on the list.

A worst cigar is a bit more easily identified.  While I have had some bad experiences with good cigars, that doesn’t make them my worst.  My worst is, undoubtedly, the Fonseca.  The guy who sold it to me didn’t know how to pronounce it correctly, they were dry, and just tasted like burned grass.  Not very good.

What’s your worst?

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