Tripping on “Acid”

Marketing and labeling are all the rage these days.  When it comes to items that project a certain status, we are, in general, an uneducated and fast-purchasing society.  It’s no wonder that companies spend so much money to get just the right packaging and labeling.  For me, this most easily comes into play when choosing a wine.  Looking for a Pinot around 2006-2007 from California’s central coast?  You’ll still have dozens to choose from.  And that’s where the packaging comes in.

It is similar with cigars.  A lot of people don’t really know what they’re looking for so cigar manufacturers create colorful, exotic labels hoping to attract the untrained eye.  People associate, to a certain degree, with the cigar they smoke.  They feel like the label says something about them as a person.  A label like Romeo y Julieta says I am a sophisticated and cultured buyer (probably why I’m not drawn to them for the label); while a Perdomo might draw someone looking for the romance and allure of fresh, island tobacco.

Which brings me to this poster I saw in a local tabaquaria of the Acid cigar.  Acid are a line of cigars made by the Drew Estate in Nicaragua.  I have to be honest… I am not particularly drawn to this label.  Does anyone personally know a guy they like (are at least someone they don’t think is a complete prick) who would pose for this label?  I didn’t think so.  When I see this label I immediately think of Vanilla Ice and that terrible movie he did called “Cool As Ice”– and yes, I did have to Google this bit of Vanilla Ice trivia.

What a complete wiener.  I can’t help but feel like smoking an Acid cigar will make me look like a complete tool who rides a crotch-rocket and smokes Acid cigars.  I just can’t bring myself to try one.

Unless there’s someone out there, maybe the guys at Keepers of the Flame, Z-Man, or some other trusted source who can vouch for the quality of an Acid cigar, I will not be lumped in with the Vanilla Ice wanna-be’s or the guy who adds “cigar” to his list of other accessories he needs to feel and look cool.

Anyone?  Anyone?  (And Yes, I am ashamed to have a picture of Vanilla Ice on my blog).

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2 Responses to Tripping on “Acid”

  1. Ryan Cordell says:

    I’m man enough to admit I own that movie. It actually has some classic lines.

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