It’s been a long time old friend

I love connections.  To me there is something magical about connecting two entities that fit in some special way.  Whether it’s reuniting old roommates from college, people with complimentary business interests, or those with common goals and hobbies, making connections brings us closer together and creates community.

Now that we have moved and settled into our new house, it is time to celebrate with an old friend.  I recently walked through the process of deciding how best to celebrate our new house and thanks to my parents, have been reunited with an old friend.  I plan to celebrate with a Cohiba grown, aged, and rolled on the mysterious and exotic island of Cuba.  If you do not know, Cohiba’s from Cuba have a special place in cigar lore and smoking one is certainly a fine way to toast the successes of life.  Considering the deal we got on our house and the fact that we waited so long to find just the right place, I would say it’s Cohiba-worthy.

Not only am I going to celebrate our new house with friends Cohiba, Bill, Josh, Rocky, Jameson, BB, and Shiloh, but we’re going to celebrate outdoors.  The wonderful opportunity that the spring affords.  Forecast for the evening in question– sunny and 60.  Does it get any better?

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