He’s back…

This week the number one golfer (and number one a-hole according to many) will return to the links.  Tiger Woods will begin his journey back into the public eye at Augusta National, a venue that will lend a presidential-like buffer from the taunts, media, and protesters that will follow him as he competes this golf season.  The madness begins Monday with a press conference and will commence throughout the week.

The general opinion if you listen to sports talk and some members of the media is that, once he starts winning again, people will forget Tiger’s infidelity, lying, and arrogance.  He will once again be celebrated and praised as the greatest in the world at his craft.  The mindless minions will stop jeering the arrogant cheater and will again cheer the confident, cool-under-pressure winner.  His generations “Hemingway Man.”

My frustration and irritation is not with Tiger.  We all have major flaws, and Lord knows if I faced the public scrutiny he does I would have crumbled long ago.  Tiger has had to humble himself and deal with a humiliation in a way no one else does.  (He also makes more money by being this public figure, and while a related factor, is a different topic).  I have been surprised at the way he has humbled himself.

What bothers me is how the media somehow find a way to link fidelity/faithfulness in the conversation and on the same playing field with success/victory.  If you think about it, it is an insane analogy, and certainly one that does not apply across the board.  Can you imagine the following scenario… “I know Frank cheated on his wife over a 5 year period with dozens of women, but it was absolute genius the way he timed the market and rode those stock gains for his clients these past 2 weeks.  Amazing!  He’s back!  He’s the man!”

I don’t understand what commentators and media people mean when they say “he’s back.”  How did winning a golf tournament bring him back?  It’s almost as if they are saying that, by conquering 120 golfers and winning a tournament he has conquered his life’s challenges and all is right again in the universe.  It sickens me that cheating on your wife can seemingly be remedied by winning a game.  The only thing that will bring him “back” is time and faithfulness to his wife and kids.

It is for this reason that I hope Tiger struggles mightily.  He will, no doubt, return to glory, fame and greatness.  But it is my hope that it happens slowly, methodically, and as a normal process.  If his return is meteoric,  the talking heads will use it to put Tiger firmly back on the pedestal he removed himself from 4 months ago.

Your general thoughts on this in a short phrase… ready, go.

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One Response to He’s back…

  1. Bryson says:

    Unfortunately, there are too many stakeholders in the Tiger Woods Empire to let him go through the long restoration process that any of us “normal” folk would need to go through.

    He is basically an industry in and of himself. I think this creates a huge conflict of interest. People aren’t wired to find themselves in these kinds of situations. I can’t imagine what some of the conversations have been like between Tiger, his sponsors, PGA, his wife, etc, etc, etc. I’m sure there is such a huge push to get him back on the course (so that everyone can get back to making millions of dollars), that the health of his personal life seems petty.

    True restoration from this kind of infidelity can take years. He may be back on the golf course, but he’s just playing the part (which I guess he’s become pretty good at over the past years anyway).

    Thanks for provoking the conversation!

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