While the title of this blog is Stogies and Bogeys, I typically like to try and speak to something currently happening in the world in addition to cigars and golf.  But since I have been buried up to my eyeballs in painting, moving, unpacking, working, etc. I have not been able to keep up with the latest happenings.  So, a quick perusal of the headlines reveals the following:

Why Lindsaey Lohan and Khloe Kardashian would show up on a legitimate news websites for anything other than dying or curing H1N1 is beyond me, but perhaps that’s for another blogger to figure out.

I was in Dallas this week and visited my favorite tabaquaria, Addison Cigar and Tobacco.  I decided to try the Brickhouse from JC Newman and was promptly informed that the people from JC Newman were going to be there next week for a tasting.  I really need to get on that mailing list so I can plan my work travel around their cigar tastings.

Nevertheless, I sat down and enjoyed the heck out of the Brickhouse.  As noted by the guys at Keepers of the Flame, the Brickhouse was very well built (a feature that should not be taken for granted or glossed over) and smooth from the get-go.  Although I’m not such an aficionado as to note “cedar, a pinch of salt, cocoa, and mild black pepper about half-way through, I did enjoy the milder than expected smoke and the variety of flavors.  Such detailed flavors experienced (or not) during a smoke is not an indication of cigar mastery or hopeless idiocy.  Again as noted by the guys at Cigarfan, “taste is subjective” and because two people taste two different things in the same cigar, doesn’t mean one is deficient and the other a master.

I can now highly recommend the Brickhouse and can add to my growing “friends list.”  Like facebook for stogies… always looking to add new friends.

Do you have any new “friends?”

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4 Responses to Brickhouse

  1. Rob Sorbo says:

    After our web-conversation a few months ago on my facebook status about iPads, I thought it’d be worth updating you on this.

    I’m soon going to be an iPad owner. I didn’t completely cave in–I’m not actually paying for it. My m-i-l fills out tons of sweepstakes (for lack of a better word, it’s her hobby) and she won me an iPad. I’ll be getting it in a few weeks.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    forget about it…. membership would serve me no purpose….

    please abort personal info entered.

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