We’re in, and TW’s back

The past 10 days have been extremely full for our family.  We have closed on a new house, painted most of the inside, moved all our things from a tiny duplex and storage space, all while trying to keep up at work and not kick the dog.

All this work has not afforded me any time to enjoy a cigar, and golf, taking 5-6 hours away from my family and our work (not to mention the foot of snow we got last week) has been completely out of the question.  However, there are two very interesting topics covering both bogeys AND stogies:

On the bogey front, Tiger Woods makes his return to competitive golf next week at the Master’s in Augusta, GA.  Far and away the most prestigious golf tournament in the United States, the history and tradition of the Master’s makes this a great event for Tiger’s return.  The golf world is a-flutter with the news and for every person you ask there is a different opinion or concern.  There are many players that are apprehensive about how being paired with Tiger might impact their game.  The galleries following that group will be HUGE and the media scrutiny and cameras could overwhelm.  It will take great mental strength from those playing with Tiger to focus on their own game and not to get caught up in the “Tiger circus.”  But Tiger’s return will be a great boost for the PGA Tour this year.  I maintain that the tour will have to prepare for life without Tiger and I believe they did a very poor job selling the world on the validity of golf sans TW.  A separate but related note—I recently read a well written and funny post (rated PG-13) about how dumb guys are, featuring the one and only Tiger Woods (among others).  Thanks Z-Man!

Stogies: now that we are into our house I must choose the inaugural cigar to christen the new pad.  I recently talked about the importance of celebrating life and its successes and I think closing on a new house and moving in is something worth celebrating.  When I say I don’t know what cigar to smoke I mean I am at square one.  I’m not even to the point of narrowing it down between two or three.  I am asking the question “should I spend money on an expensive cigar, get one of my favorites, or go with something new to me but something that is purported to be very good?”

The guys at Keepers of the Flame recently smoked and reviewed a Brickhouse from cigar maker J.C. Newman and I am tempted to try that.  Some of my favorites are Rocky Patel, Cohiba, La Gloria Cubana, and La Flor Dominicana.  I could always spend $20-$30 on a God of Fire from Fuente or a big Zino or Camacho.

You can never go wrong with a great favorite.  Just like a good friend they are always there and never disappoint.  I most likely would not invite a stranger to my house to help me celebrate our new home.  An old favorite it must be!  Now… to narrow it down:  Cohiba, La Gloria, La Flor?  Why limit myself?  I do have lots of friends.

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3 Responses to We’re in, and TW’s back

  1. cigarfan says:

    Congrats on the new house! I think you’re right to go with an old favorite on such an occasion. A trustworthy friend is important in life — just ask TW. (Or his wife!) At least he’s taking his flogging like a man, in public no less… best of luck to him.

    • jelliott5011 says:

      Thanks guys. An old favorite it will be. Parents brought me a Cohiba from their recent trip down to MX. I will enjoy it. I tried a Brickhouse this week per your suggestion– very nice smoke. Definitely gets a place in my top 5 so far in 2010.

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