The Humidor as furniture

I am a “possibilities guy.”  I like to dream and think about what could be.  Possibilities excite me.  Big picture.  Big ideas.  Somewhere attached to that same gene is the desire and need to rearrange furniture– much to the dismay of my sweet wife who ascribes to the philosophy of “find a great setup and then leave it alone.”

There are many categories in the world of furniture.  As we have shopped, thought, and bought over the years I have come to discover a couple of distinct furniture categories that exist within our marriage.  They are broad, very understood by my wife, and very baffling to me.  She knows what she likes and she truly does understand what I like.  I definitely know what I like, but figuring out what she likes is impossible for me.  One thing I am quite sure of… she will never accept a humidor as furniture in the house.  I can lobby all I want.  I can even smythe eloquent, elaborate arguments as to their “old world” design and classic decor.  Huh-uh.

There are many fine pieces of cigar furniture (as pictured throughout this post) crafted by artisans that harken back to a bygone age where passion, expression, and woodwork intersect… yea, she’s not having any of it.  She has encouraged me to incorporate this “specialty furniture” into my office.  And, to her credit, if left alone for too long I would turn our entire house into a man-cave.  She is a wise woman, and it is this wisdom that allows me to dream.

This glorious Montecristo humidor, for example, would serve as a fine piece on any coffee table or book shelf.  What a great day… reading a good book, cup of coffee on the end table, and the ability to reach inside and pull out a nice, hand-rolled, premium cigar.

Do you and your spouse need “furniture counseling?”

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3 Responses to The Humidor as furniture

  1. Zona Wilson says:

    It’s a wise man who recognises when he is fortunate enough to enjoy a wise wife.

    • jelliott5011 says:

      Indeed! Though there is some nice stuff out there, I would lose perspective and balance pretty quick. 🙂 My sweet wife did buy me my current humidor AND she incorporated it into our decor in the house before we had kids. She’s good to me!

  2. stphen123 says:

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