The Big Easy (not that one), Tiger, and springing forward

Photo by David B. Lewis, copywrite 2008

This week’s stop on the PGA tour brings us to Doral in Miami, FL.  This course is often referred to as the Blue Monster because of all the water on the course.  You can see from the picture that there’s just about as much water as there is grass… which is not good if you’re a golfer.  That much water on the golf course leads to more than one’s fair share of bogeys, I can assure you.

Ernie Els is leading the tournament going into Sunday and I couldn’t be happier for him.  He’s one of the most likeable golfers on the tour, has been winless since 2002 due to family difficulties (birth of a son and subsequent discovery of his autism) and injury, and is playing good golf again.  Here is a wonderful Q&A with Els from the latest Golf Digest.  Ernie Els really is a great advocate for golf and is a first-class family man.

On the flip-side, here’s an interesting and very appropriate insight on Tiger Woods and some perspective on his place in golf.  He will bring a much needed boost to golf, but has much work to do to on the fan front.  He will win again and he will be great.  But he may not be beloved like he once was.  I hope he does not wind up the latest in a long line (Mark MacGuire, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, etc) of heroes kids can no longer look up to.

Golf is an interesting game.  As I have shared before, it’s a game with no referee.  You call penalties on yourself.  This could cost you a stroke or two, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even disqualification from the tournament.  It is a game, unlike baseball, football, or basketball, where the heroes and legends had to mind their P’s and Q’s off the course as much as on the course.  Because it is truly a game that requires total integrity, history has required personal integrity of the greats.

Don’t forget to bump those clocks forward an hour.

And by the way, can someone enlighten me on exactly what P’s and Q’s are.  All I know is my parents always told me to mind them when we were going to the grandparents house or the opera.  I’ve always wondered.

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4 Responses to The Big Easy (not that one), Tiger, and springing forward

  1. Kendy says:

    Hi James,

    From the Scholastic Dictionary of Idioms the saying P’s and Q’s means: to be extremely exact; be careful not to say or do anything wrong; mind your manners.

    Origin: This term was beginning to be used in the 1600s, and by the late 1700s it was very popular. The letters “p” and “q” can often be confused, so children learning to read and printers selecting type have to be careful with these letters. Another possibility comes from old English pubs where a list of the pints (p’s) and quarts (q’s) a drinker consumed were written on a blackboard to be paid for later. Finally, pieds and queues are dance steps that a French dancing instructor would teach his students to perform with care. There’s no proof as to where this catchy saying originated, though.

    This little dictionary of idioms is a great book. It is usually sold at school book fairs.

  2. Julia says:

    please tell me when mom and dad ever took you to the opera! haha

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