Celebration Pt. 2– Double standard?

We recently examined celebrations in life, how we celebrate, and life events that call for a good old-fashioned celebration.  Sports are an easily identifiable case where, when winning a championship, a celebration is called for.  Check out this picture of Michael Jordan.  Nevermind the fact that he looks like a cartoon character or a man trying to pass a kidney stone.  The point is this celebration of yet another championship with the Bulls.  Bubbly in one hand, cigar firmly planted in his mouth.  Jordan and the Bulls won six NBA championships, and in all six the celebration included cigars and champagne.  Some years the celebration started on the court, other years it all came out back in the locker room.  To my knowledge, there was never a controversy about the celebrations, where they took place, or how they happened.

Enter the double-standard and the global fun-police raining on a well-deserved parade.  If you weren’t paying attention, the Canadian women’s hockey team won gold in Vancouver and celebrated their win with cigars and “Canadian champagne” a.k.a. Molson.  Evidently the gold-standard of ethics– The International Olympic Committee– didn’t like the fact that the ladies celebrated out on the ice.  Articles are easily found, here’s one for those too lazy to search on your own.

This almost feels like a joke, except that it’s not.  Canadians coming back onto Canadian ice in Canada to celebrate with Canadian fans after the other team is off the ice… yea, I can’t think of anything more out of control or unsportsmanlike.  Oh, wait… how about doping, underage athletes, equipment tampering, and cities being awarded the Olympics based on under-the-table bribes to IOC members.

But those darn Canadian women.  “We will investigate what happened,” promised Gilbert Felli, IOC executive director of the Olympics.  That’s one guy who is in definite need of a Montecristo AND a Molson!

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4 Responses to Celebration Pt. 2– Double standard?

  1. Zona Wilson says:

    Good point, well stated.

  2. Rob Sorbo says:

    Anytime I hear someone gripe about those girls’ “antics,” I always have to remind that person that the girls didn’t do a single thing that I wouldn’t have done (and I work in a strict, conservative Christian office where I (not joking or exaggerating) could get fired if I tell the wrong person that I have smoked a cigar or drank a beer).

    • jelliott5011 says:

      I think you’re right Rob. They didn’t do anything that anyone else would have done in that same scenario.

      I don’t know about your current workplace. Maybe you need to take the pres. out for a beer and a stogie. Enjoy the gifts God gave us. 😉

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