Kristoff and life’s celebrations

A cigar, a great drink, a great meal… all these things are best enjoyed in the company of friends and great fellowship.  These are the ways we celebrate life.  We celebrate weddings with elaborate dinners, drinks, and smokes.  We celebrate a new job or big promotion with drink and fellowship.  Athletes celebrate a big win with cigars, drink, and music.  We celebrate births, graduations, first jobs, next jobs, best jobs, retirements, and death… important milestones that mark our journey through life.

When was the last time you celebrated an important event in your life?  Do you make the effort to celebrate important events in your kids’ lives or with your spouse?  Celebrating can take some time, effort, and planning.  But in the end it is rewarding.  These celebrations are important… a symbolic stop!  Let’s meditate on this moment/accomplishment and marinate in it, if only for a short time.

My question to you today is this… do you celebrate life?  And if you do, do you celebrate well?  After all, celebrating and celebrating well are as different as hot dogs and filet.  I do not and will not impose my definition of “celebrate” on you, but will challenge you to think about how you celebrate.  Are there some upcoming events that ought to be celebrated?

I recently celebrated Thursdays with a Kristoff… a new frontrunner in my quest for my best cigar of 2010.  For a more comprehensive look at Kristoff check out this review… tasty!  Hey… Thursday deserves a celebration!

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5 Responses to Kristoff and life’s celebrations

  1. Joy S. says:

    Mia just “graduated” up to the toddlers’ class at daycare so we went out for Pizza to celebrate. It’s funny reading your post because we were just talking about taking the time to celebrate even the little things. I’m not sure we “celebrated well” but she had a great time (you know, people + food = happy Mia).

    • jelliott5011 says:

      That’s awesome Joy! I know you guys will continue to celebrate well throughout life if you are celebrating already. I think people from other countries (including those who grew up overseas) know a bit more about celebrating than Americans.

      Well done!

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