Golf redefined in Phoenix and Don Pepin Garcia (Cuban Classic)

This week’s stop on the PGA Tour takes us to Phoenix (Scottsdale to be more precise) and one of the rowdiest golf holes in all of golf.  Number 16 at the TPC will make the most proficient golfer feel a little weak in the knees.  They have created a sort of stadium feel at 16 and it has become somewhat of a stage for the golfers.  Guys have been known to pull out props, wave AZ Cardinal flags, and generally whip the crows into a frenzy… the only thing missing is one golfer hitting another with a steel chair and pulling out ladders from their golf bags.

This hole has become the ultimate risk/reward hole for a man’s pride.  Hit a great shot or make birdie and you will be praised… miss the green, bogey, or God forbid 3-putt, and you will get booed like John Elway walking through the Cleveland airport.  Check these out… great shot; poor shot.  Gone are the days of allowing a golfer to suffer within himself in peace and quiet.  No polite golf claps at #16.  Those people will let you know how they feel about your performace, as if you weren’t aware of it.

It has been a little bit more difficult to get into the swing of the golf season this year.  For instance, this week’s tournament was shown exclusively on the golf channel.  The golf channel is not part of most cable packages and this tournament was, therefore, not seen by most of America.  Thankfully golf will be on the networks for the weekend rounds through July until the Reno-Tahoe Open.  No worries there.

On the stogie front, I tried a Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic this week.  It was a nice smoke, made better by the company and conversation.  It burned well (although I did spill some ash on my hosts couch pillow) and the flavor was even and not overpowering.  Overall it was… ho-hum and one I would probably not add to my “must haves.”

Here’s to a great week!  Welcome to March and, hopefully, spring.

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