Featured JBU’er– Dive!

This is a post I have been waiting to write for months.  It is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and to many friends and family as well.

As some background, I recently read Roaring Lambs, a book written in 1993 by the late Bob Briner.  The book talks about the world’s need for “Christians to take their faith and values into every corner of society.”  From politics to the visual arts, from TV to sports.  Briner’s specific emphasis in the book is on those areas that impact culture… movies, television, visual arts, and literature.  I highly recommend the book and wish we did a better job of putting people with a Christian world-view into those fields.  Not to do “Christian TV,” but to have Christians in the TV business.  Sports has done it well… we don’t have “Christian sports,” but we do have Christians in sports.  Being salt and light.

Jeremy Seifert, JBU grad from 1999, has put together a fantastic documentary and has seen quite a bit of success.  If you watch the trailer, which I HIGHLY recommend, you’ll notice several JBU faces.  Some lovely, some “beastly.”  His documentary, titled Dive!, has been invited to many, many film festivals and has won awards, some of which are listed here.  They are continuing to show the film around the country… check to see if they’ll be close to you.

I am not a close friend of Jeremy’s.  We did attend the same high school and we overlapped at JBU for a few years.  I would consider him an acquaintance, someone I would definitely visit with at homecoming or an alumni event.  I am very proud (probably disproportionally so) of this work he has done and the message he is taking out.  Whether intentional or not, Jeremy is a roaring lamb.  Well done, sir.

On a related note, John Brown University’s SIFE program is working to impact northwest Arkansas in a similar way, working with World Garden in Bentonville.  You can read more about World Garden’s work and mission here.

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