Time Travel and Telson

I don’t know how much you keep up with current events and the latest in technological wizardry.  I knew this day would come… after all, our phones take pictures and we have mastered the “black art” of pausing live TV events.  Since we can now stop live action, I suddenly realized that time travel has been achieved, and for many years.

You may be wondering how this is happening.  I am prepared to share it with you, but you may not mock the medium with which time travel takes place.  It’s available to you, and it’s cooler than a Delorean.

“I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight” by Cutting Crew takes me back to a 4-day period in 6th grade when I was home sick with the flu.  My mom brought me popcicles to help my throat feel better and that song was on the radio all the time.

“What Kind of Man Would I Be” by Chicago takes me to Michelle Hall’s house… anytime between 1987 and 1991.  Infatuation and young love.

“Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc takes me to my bedroom basement, 1990, doing Algebra homework.  I can literally feel my brain working when I hear that song.  I start thinking about FOIL (bonus points for anyone who can nail down how FOIL is relevant to algebra).

“Bust A Move” by Young MC takes me immediately to San Diego, CA summer of 1990.  Mission trip to Mexico, but listening to the song on the radio as we crossed the border multiple times that week.

“Summer of ’69” by Bryan Adams takes me to the basement in Denver, hanging out with Dave Stair.

“Tom Sawyer” by Rush takes me to Ryan Ward’s garage, playing Wahoo with he and his dad, smoking cigars and listening to classic rock.  Good times!

I just realized that a lot of my life happened in basements… a fact to be examined at a later date.  The answer is MUSIC.  Music is our time travel medium.  Before you get all critical about my musical history, think back to songs that you listened to obsessively in jr. high, h.s. and college.  They can literally take you back to places that haven’t crossed your consciousness in decades.  Smells.  Colors.  Emotions.  Struggles.

Cigars are much the same as music.  A Macanudo takes me back to college.  Cuban Cohiba’s take me to my first Cuban cigar experience in 1999.  A Partaga Serie D #4 takes me to the Caribbean, smoking on a rock wall with Chris Bogart, near the Green Parrot restaurant.  Rocky Patel’s take me to the “red room.”

Telson is a new cigar find for me that, in future years, will take me back to Siloam Springs, AR.  It is a fantastic cigar, complex and consistent flavors, great construction and burn.  I would assume that any tabaqueria can order it for you.  I have only found Telson at Addison Cigar and Tobacco in Dallas, TX.  Obviously you can go to Telson’s website as well.

Alright… time to pay the piper.  What are your “time travel” songs?

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6 Responses to Time Travel and Telson

  1. Zona Wilson says:

    James Taylor, “Fire and Rain” Dimond High School hallways after play practice. Still love that song. John Denver, “Annie’s Song”, same school, music room with my friend Debi Merrigan and we were playing games with the lyrics.

    • jelliott5011 says:

      Good songs Zona! Nice memories. JT takes me back to some friends of my parents who kept me as a 9th grader while my folks were out of town. Their basement (apparently the theme of my life), hide-a-bed, going to sleep listening to the tape of the album “That’s Why I’m Here”

  2. Julia says:

    FOIL. first. outter. inner. last. ahhhh algebra. i don’t even know where the begin with my time travel…so many to choose from. fantastic blog. music is waaaaaay better than the delorean.

    • jelliott5011 says:

      You can’t just say “great blog” and then not answer the question. Share with the world (or at least the 6 people who read this blog)… what are those songs and where do they take you?

  3. Mary Lou says:

    Kings High School senior year – Sitting on the Dock of a Bay (Otis Redding) where we always loudly sang “headed for the Bristol Bay” and Hey Jude (Beatles) makes me think of my best friend Judy V. and all the craziness we were involved in.
    Anything by Credence Clearwater Revival brings back memories of old boyfriend Mike and the trouble (and fun!) that relationship brought into my life.
    California Dreamin by the Mama’s and the Papa’s brings happy memories of junior year sitting in English class with Jim Jackson.
    Baby Love (Supremes) takes me back to my first live concert in the Seattle Opera House – box seats with my friend Stan. I think I can blame him for my champagne tastes!

  4. Paul Eldridge says:

    Great concept, James! Music is the ultimate time travel! Here is one that takes me back: Every Breath You Take – multiple memories and time travel – Jr. year of HS, SGA summer retreat in Big Bear Lake, CA, young love, college at JBU during year of ’87 (still loved the song then). . . .

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