Cigarfan and blogging

I am a fan of blogs.  I recently started a blog, and can relate to this photo.  But my purpose in writing is not to have an audience (although it is rewarding when people comment on a blog and let you know they enjoy what you are saying.”

I find people’s opinions, insights, and experiences fascinating and enlightening.  My current list of blogs I read include topics on golf, personal finance, passive income, simple living, and cigars.  Aside from a weekly offering from Z-Man, Keepers of the Flame happens to be one of my favorites when it comes to recommendations and evaluations of cigars.  I highly recommend their site and hope you will check out their site from the link above.

I have friends, both men and women, who smoke cigars.  There truly is a cigar for everyone, and Keepers of the Flame has evaluated just about every cigar there is.  Some cigars are a bit sweeter, some have a stronger flavor.  Some are easily tasted, while others are complex.  Cigars, unlike cigarettes, are something I think everyone should at least try once in their lives.  It may take a little wine/whiskey to get you to the place where you’re ready, but the entire experience of choosing, observing, cutting, lighting, and smoking is one that many enjoy.

Perhaps you are a person who thinks, “I would not smoke a cigar in a million years.”  You, my friend, are a prime candidate to try it once… you might enjoy it.  I recommend heading to Keepers of the Flame— they will help you find the right cigar for what could be the best experience of this new year.

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4 Responses to Cigarfan and blogging

  1. karynme says:

    Never going to happen. (And that statement was not meant to be taken as a challenge.) Yet, still, I love you! 🙂

  2. karynme says:

    Um, no. She looks like she’s destroying her lungs and stinking the place up! 🙂

  3. Zona Wilson says:

    I’m with Karyn – not even tempted, not even a little bit!

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