Super Bowl Sunday

Today is, of course, Super Bowl Sunday, unofficial American holiday and the end of the football season.  For that reason it is a bitter-sweet day.  For the wives, it is a glorious day; while the men are partying in celebration of the big game, the wives gather to watch the commercials and celebrate the end of football for another year.

A great day and a great game call for a great cigar.  Flash forward 20 years, I head to my 500 count humidor where I shift through various boxes and bunches, and reach back into the special “Cuban corner” to pull out a Partagas Serie D #4 (click here for review). Back to reality, I have one cigar in my 100 count humidor.  He’s lonely in there all by himself, a little Alec Bradley Family Blend.  But he will be my Super  Bowl smoke.

I am genuinely excited about this year’s Super Bowl.  It promises to be a high scoring affair.  The Colts are a natural choice to pick for the winner, but few teams have been able to keep the Saints from scoring.  In my opinion, the team with the last possession will win the game.  Go Colts.

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1 Response to Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Zona Wilson says:

    There seems to be an underlying stereotyping going on here! Excuse me, but you are mistaken. I very much enjoy watching football, from high school through college and also pros. Todd had never watched football before he met me, and now he is as knowledgeable as I am. I tend to not spend a lot of time watching football any more because there is not room in my life for it, but I will be glued to CBS today for more than commercials! But I also do love the commercials! And now I am off to pick up some Dominos pizza for the fam. It is great to have Ryan home, but he leaves tomorrow morning – sigh.

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