Great jobs and JFR

I am not at a point in life (and probably don’t have the personality) to take risks.  When eating out, I like to eat what I know I am going to like.  I don’t eat out often enough to risk not liking what I eat.  The same can be said of cigars.  I do not have the discretionary income to try cigars that may or may not be good.

I decided to use some “found money” and take such a risk on a cigar I am unfamiliar with… the JFR.  (It has been alleged) JFR stands for “just for retailers” making it a more difficult cigar to find.  Knowing this makes me happy that The Stag carries them.  It was a fantastic cigar… the first I have ever smoked where I could really taste the “wood” flavor so may aficionados talk about, but has eluded me.  It had subtle hints of what a new wood deck smells like… very nice.  Glad I went out on a limb as I now have another great cigar to add to my rotation.

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is where George wants to go to “fantasy baseball camp.”  Kramer likes this idea and Jerry quips, “why do you want to live out the fantasy of being a major league baseball player?  You date beautiful women but none of them require anything of you, you don’t have a job but you make money, you don’t shop for groceries but you eat well.  People should pay to live your life for a week.”

While smoking my new-found treasure, a few of us started talking about the best jobs.  Not necessarily dream jobs, but people we know who have pretty good jobs.  Below are, in my opinion, the top two jobs belonging to people I know.

One friend, who shall remain nameless, works for a Fortune 500.  His primary job is to “test drive” golf courses, resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc for the company before they host various conferences, important business partners, etc.  Where in the world is that job posting???  Cause I would like to throw my hat in the ring for that one.  “James, we have a key meeting with an important client.  We’d like to golf somewhere in Canada but also want to spend some time fishing.  Please find a place we can do both and also find a comfortable hotel where we can enterain and meet simultaneously.  You may have to try a few different places before you find the right one.”  Yea, I’ll get right on that.

The other friend with a cool job is a friend from high school… although we were probably more like acquaintances back then.  Looking back, he’s someone I wish I would have taken time to know better.  But I was busy acting cool and desperately hiding my insecurities.

Brandon Fibbs is a movie critic who splits time between Washington DC and NYC.  He’s lived a lot of life, having already attended seminary, a stint in the Navy, worked on Capitol Hill, and is now a movie critic.  He spends his days watching movies and writing his opinion about them for publications such as the Colorado Springs Gazette, Christianity Today, among others.  He’s well read, cultured, well-traveled, and enjoys the finer things.  I think I have a man-crush.

What are the coolest jobs you know of?  Comment with the coolest job gets featured in an upcoming blog post.

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3 Responses to Great jobs and JFR

  1. Zona Wilson says:

    Just so you know, most of us were desperately trying to hide our insecurities in HS! My dream job would be a TV host for a landscaping show on HGTV or something.

  2. Rob Sorbo says:

    This is a NOT coolest job…Video game tester.

    Yes, it’s every little boy’s dream job, but if only they knew what it was really like.

    I had a one year stint with NCR (I doubt you recognize that company, but I can guarantee you’ve seen or even used one of their products) as a software tester. Obviously a software tester is a whole different thing than a video game tester, but the concept is the same. We had to repeat the most mundane functions over and over and over again to make sure that the equipment and software held up. We also had to do a surprising amount of reading and writing (to educate ourselves on the correct functionality, create test documents based on that functionality, then document the outcomes).

    • jelliott5011 says:

      Video game tester would be pretty sweet Rob! I actually have heard of NCR– they had a large presence in Ft. Collins, CO… a town we used to live in. My teacher’s husband worked there.

      I think I’d definitely sign up for video game testing.

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