Cigars as trees?

I absolutely love being a dad.  And I love being the dad of two boys.  My wife says it’s because men never really grow up and having sons gives men an excuse to play with model cars and planes, trains, baseball cards, matchbox cars, etc.  She’s probably right.

Thomas the Tank Engine has consistently been a favorite of our boys.  For Christmas, their grandparents got them a “train table” where they can put together train tracks and not have them uneven or coming apart on the carpet.  It also keeps them out from under their mothers feet on the tiled kitchen floor.  Huge side benefit… dad doesn’t have to lean over or bend over anymore.  The table is the perfect height for me to sit on the couch and build trains!

We have immediately put the train table to good use.  The other day during the boys nap, I was busy putting together a great track and landscape for the boys.  Complete with trees for a forest, animals who live in the forest, and buildings, we had a great little world going.

Later that afternoon I decided to take a picture of what we had created, and I noticed something odd about the train.  Upon further inspection I discovered that the boys had used a couple of my cigars as logs to be carried around the track by Thomas and his Friends.  My first instinct was to shake the little demons.  These were expensive smokes and I was looking forward to “analyzing” and enjoying them.  I have seen my kids handle delicate things… it’s not pretty.  Once I had inspected them and confirmed there was no damage, I decided they were only being smart little guys (cigars, after all, do look like logs) and gave them credit for having good taste… grabbing an Opus X and a new favorite of mine, the Telson.

A short plug/commentary on Telson.  A good friend of mine and I were in a smoke shop in Dallas, when my friend struck up a conversation with a gentleman who turned out to be Robert Telson.  He gave us a couple of cigars, which were outstanding, gave us his card, and encouraged us to write him.  We did, and he sent us a sample of all the cigars they make… again, amazing!  I encourage you to head to the website.

So what do you think?  Punishment for getting into dad’s stogies, or a pat on the back for creativity?

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5 Responses to Cigars as trees?

  1. theprimms says:

    Definitely a pat on the back for creativity! They totally look like logs. I mean, it’s only logical 🙂

  2. Zona Wilson says:

    That’s a hoot! Todd and I admire the boy’s ingenuity. Maybe they need less tobacco-laden logs for their Thomas the Train set and they wouldn’t need to check out your stash?

  3. Thanks for the good review of our Telson cigars. We enjoyed the site and the review

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