Number 1 rated Cigar of 2009

I have always liked lists… there’s a theory out there that all guys do… counting down the “top 10” various things.  A slight tweak on lists is to name the “greatest athlete to wear number_____.”   You know… who was a better #33: Kareem, Bird, Tony Dorsett, Patrick Roy?  It’s actually a fun game.

Anyway, in honor of Cigar Aficionado’s release of their 25 best cigars from last year, culminating with the number 1 from 2009, I thought I would list out some other great #1’s…

* Ozzie Smith, shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals
* Warren Moon, NFL quarterback
* Oscar Robertson, NBA Hall of Famer

There have been a host of NFL kickers and punters (Neil Rackers, Reggie Roby, etc).  Bonus points for anyone who leaves a comment with an additional athlete(s) who wore the number 1.

So, back to what I was starting to say, Cigar Aficionado recently released their selections for the 25 best cigars from 2009.  While part of me thinks the “fabricante de puro” who advertises the most and cooperates the most with C.A. gets a preferential nod, I cannot disagree with their choice for #1… the Padron Family Reserve #45 Maduro (pictured above).  While my skepticism is not unfounded (Padron has had a cigar in the top 3 for the past 5 years… a claim no other cigar can make), the Padron Family Reserve #45 is a really good cigar.  BUT, at $25/stick, I’m not completely sure it’s deserving of the #1 slot… especially when you consider last year’s winner was a fantastic smoke and was only $5/stick.

I have never found Padrons to be very exciting or complex so I can’t see myself spending $25 on one.  I plan to check out some of the other, more affordable, more exotic  pics like #8, or even #25.  I mean, how can you not want to smoke a cigar affectionately dubbed “coffee break.”  Yes please.  I’ll take one.  How much more exciting and relaxing would a coffee break be at that point!  You think JBU would set up a special “coffee break lounge?”

Because I only started blogging a couple of months ago, I do not have any alternative suggestion as to the cigar I think should be the best cigar of 2009 (although in the fall I did smoke C.A’s #3 cigar, a “My Father” and blogged about it).  Never fear… 2010 will be different.  In 359 days I will offer thoughts and opinions about C.A.’s choice and offer my own cigar of the year.

Feel free to offer up some that you like.  Come on over.  We’ll have a smoke.

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