Featured JBU’er– Leaderskilz

It is time, once again, to highlight the work/efforts of a JBU alumnus.  John Brown University really does have a great many alumni out in the world doing great things.

For this feature, I wanted to look at an example where work meets passion and creativity.  JBU alumnus and employee of the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics Bryson Moore has combined his work at the Center with a passion for good leadership and a creative/comical angle.  JBU alumnus Clayton Anderson (’09), who is currently pursuing a masters degree at JBU as well as working at the SCLE on a fellowship, is a co-conspirator.

Clayton and Bryson have put together a series of short videos with exaggerated examples of bad leadership… although some might argue that the examples are not all that exaggerated.   In the past few weeks I have seen upper-level executives manage down no less than 3 levels… amazing.  Is there really nothing else to do?  Sometimes I wonder if the executives, struggling to deal with their own work challenges, come down a few levels so they can feel “productive.”

If my wife and I need a quick laugh, we’ll head over to www.vimeo.com, search on Leaderskilz and smile.  One subtle facet of the videos that we love is the way the “manager” slurps his coffee… fabulous and incredibly obnoxious.  Following is a list of leadership gaffe’s… enjoy the videos.

  • Emotional intelligence— this is an area where, I am convinced, the individual is blind.  If you don’t have emotional intelligence, you can learn it to a certain degree; but your better hope is to surround yourself with people who are emotionally intelligent and listen to them!
  • Micromanaging— this is probably my favorite video… mostly because I’ve seen this very thing happen multiple times, and it’s amazing to me.  If I do this… please tell me, or slap me.  Either way.  Can you say helvetica?
  • Belief— do you believe that those working for you and with you know what they are doing and are capable of doing it?  Are you someone who wonders whether or not your manager or boss actually thinks you know what you’re doing?  This is for you.
  • Encouragement— if you are “encouraged” like this at your workplace… I’m sorry.  This actually does happen… I’ve been on the receiving end of this.  AWKWARD!!!

There are a few others, but these will get you a good start.  Can you relate?  What topic would you like to see Bryson and the folks at the SCLE tackle for their next video?

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2 Responses to Featured JBU’er– Leaderskilz

  1. Bryson says:

    Thanks for the kind words James. I hope people laugh and learn when they watch these.

    Thanks for asking people for new ideas. We’re looking for some!

  2. Zona Wilson says:

    The slurping was perfect! What a great little series of videos – one of which made me wince and hope I wasn’t that bad. My MS Word doesn’t have Helvetica – I had to google it – what a horrible font! Thanks for the awareness of leaderskilz – I’ll pass this along!

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