Colorado Springs tabaquero- The Stag

When I come to Colorado Springs, I do my best to spend time at The Stag.  If I play my cards right and invest time at home, I can get away several times per week.  There’s nothing like a nice “home away from home” where one can enjoy a cigar and great conversation no matter what the weather is outside. 

When I first went to The Stag last summer I took a book with me, thinking I would get some reading in.  No chance.  The guys who hang out at The Stag are a varied bunch and welcomed me.  They introduced themselves to me, almost like I was the newest member of the club, and included me in their conversations– varying from politics, economics, the weather, and military history.  There is the collection of retired army, navy, and air force guys; a few teachers; a police officer; a real estate guy; etc.  The older guys aren’t know-it-all, but do share a lot of information, and the younger guys are respectful.

As I travel around the country, I try to stop in and enjoy various tabaquarias.  The Stag is my absolute favorite in Colorado Springs.  It is the only place I have experienced that caters equally to pipe smokers AND cigar smokers. 

Pipes– The Stag is a certified Peterson dealer.  They sell the most luxurious, beautiful pipes, what many consider to be works of art.  I’ve never been so tempted to spend $250 on a pipe.

In addition to pipes, they carry an assortment of fantastic tobaccos that Peterson creates.  Such aromatic, flavorful tobacco relaxes and stimulates at the same time.  Truly smoking a pipe well takes practice, which is why I shy away from smoking one often, in favor of a cigar.  But spending time in the pipe humidor at The Stag is inspiring.

CigarsThe humidor at The Stag is second to none!  There are so many cigars to choose from… all the favorites like La Gloria Cubana, Romeo Y Julietta, a variety of choices from Arturo Fuente (Opus X, Hemingway Series, etc.), Montecristo, Macanudo, and Ashton.

There are also a lot of choices from smaller, newer cigar-makers… Camacho, Nub and Cain, CAO, JFR, and Perdomo.  There is a cigar for every person and taste.  If you are new to cigars, they’ve got the stick for you.  If you like strong cigars, there’s a wide variety. 

For me, there is something incredibly relaxing and therapeutic about smoking a cigar.  The way it burns, the way it tastes, the conversation that always accompanies a cigar… these are all things that make cigars enjoyable for me.

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2 Responses to Colorado Springs tabaquero- The Stag

  1. joy says:

    I really love your writing, James! It’s really relaxing to read your blog. The Stag sounds awesome…so neat that you can go and enjoy this comradery. Love you 🙂

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