Looking ahead to 2010

Now that we’ve spent some time thinking about 2009… the year that was… it’s time to think about the upcoming year.  I have done my best to spend time every year (and sporadically throughout the year) looking ahead at the year and purposing what I want our lives to look like (accomplishments, habits, goals, etc). 

I have yet to sit with my wife and talk through what we want 2010 to look like.  We will, no doubt, take advantage of our time with the grandparents (read free babysitting).  So, with the caveat that I haven’t consulted my wife, here are some things that come to my mind when thinking about the year 2010:

  • get settled into a home (and by home, I do not mean a JBU duplex).
  • continue with weekly dates (no less than 2 per month).
  • increase my involvement with KLRC.
  • identify some additional income streams (income streams should be fun and/or interesting.  I think everyone should work to develop some additional income streams, and all the better if they are passive income streams.  This is an interest of mine and something I want to learn/do more about.).
  • spend time with my boys on the putting green (and get putters for them to use).

I’ll gloss over the obligatory “eat better/lose weight/be more disciplined” since those all go without saying. 🙂

Now that we are out of the 2000’s and into the 10’s, the debate will rage.  I’ve heard every possible pronouncement of this upcoming year, but what is your preferred way of referring to the year now that it’s 2010?… is it oh-ten, ten, twenty-ten, or two thousand-ten?  Vote now… vote often.

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2 Responses to Looking ahead to 2010

  1. Julia says:

    yessssssss. my vote is winning!

  2. joy says:

    ew. i don’t like twenty-ten at all. but i fear i may succomb to the pressure and adopt it. it seems as if it’s popular, and the more i say it, the more it sounds okay. hmmm….i shall have to chew on this for awhile.

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