New music from ’09– old man edition

Is it just me, or has music and the music scene changed by lightyears the past decade?  There are so many bands, groups, singers, collaborators, it’s just hard to keep up.  With the advent of MySpace, YouTube, etc everyone wants to be (and can be) a rock star.

It used to be that, with relatively little effort, one could keep up with the “who’s who” of the music scene.  New groups/singers would come along and you’d be able to track them.  Now, there are just too many.  Wow… I sound old.  Wow… I feel old.  Death Cab For Cutie???  Really?

It used to be that one could choose the top 10 or 20 songs in a year, but now there are so many different genres, ways to get music, etc. that it makes choosing top songs so tough.

So rather than trying to choose my top songs from this past year, I thought I would offer up a few new(er) groups (or at least groups that are new to me, at the risk of exposing my age) that I started enjoying in ’09.

* One eskimO—  I just discovered this group a few weeks ago thanks to my sister.  I really like their sound and look forward to listening to them more in the coming year.

* Saving Abel— I heard a song of theirs during a break of a sports talk radio show I listen to.  I liked the sound, pulled out my trusty iphone, and “Shazamed” the song.  Turns out it was “18 Days” and I checked out more of their stuff.  It’s a little on the heavier side, but really nice.

* Joshua Radin— Sort of a James Taylor sound, a singer/songwriter that is really catchy.  He has a great duet with Ingrid Michaelson called “Sky.”  The other song of his I like is called “I’d Rather Be with You.”

* Kings of Leon– There’s way too much music out and too many people know about these guys for them to be new.  But they’re new to me. 

* White Lies– They have sort of a “Snow Patrol” sound to them.  If you’re not familiar with Snow Patrol you should check them out.

Anyone I should keep my ears open for in 2010?

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One Response to New music from ’09– old man edition

  1. Julia says:

    the face that you used “shazam” as a verb shows that you are quite up on the times. 🙂

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