Featured JBU’er

Every now and again I run across work that a John Brown University graduate has done, and I thought it would be fun to write about it and sort of feature it here; spread the love, if you will.  I think the future will bring us artists, musicians, movie-makers, etc. 

I was recently reading an online newspaper from Kansas and ran across the work of John Holcomb, class of 2007.  I particularly liked his work entitled The United Plates of America.  It is a series of prints depicting each state (primarily the shape, as opposed to what it might be “known for”) as a food or food related item.  A few of my favorites are Arkansas, Kentucky, N. Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont.  His work was recently picked up by the Food Network Magazine’s December issue.

Some pretty interesting works that would brighten up any work space.  Definitely a conversation starter and a piece that will get noticed.  And… affordable!  Check out John’s work and give him some love.

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One Response to Featured JBU’er

  1. kim says:

    Great idea with the feature and very interesting. You’re so clever, James.

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