Random musings from Texas

dallas bootsI think the last time I saw boots like these, they were pink, and being worn by a 5 year old little girl (along with a tiara and a leopard print shirt).  Come on people!  I realize you have obnoxious amounts of TEXAS pride.  How about a little personal pride? 

As I was waiting to board my flight home, the gate attendant at the next gate over called up several soldiers who were on that flight and put them on the plane first.  Everyone within earshot started clapping.  It wasn’t a polite golf clap, but neither was it obnoxious or over-the-top.  It was an appropriate, spontaneous applause.  Regardless of what we think about the policies that put our men and women at risk, you have to support and express appreciation to those who are carrying out the mission.  It was a neat moment.

Have you ever eaten a pickle that wasn’t pickled quite long enough?  I bit into a sandwich today and thought to myself, “I don’t think I asked for cucumber on my sandwich.”  It makes sense… after all what is a pickle but a pickled cucumber.  But to actually taste a lightly pickled cucumber (or is it an under pickled pickle?), is a strange and unique thing.

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